Where to Find Reviews of Broadway Plays

If you heard about a play showing on Broadway, you may be wondering if the show is worth paying the money to see. Although everyone’s tastes are difference, one effective way in helping decide this is to read Broadway play reviews. But where do you find them?

The first place to look is the worldwide web. There are plenty of places to find play reviews, and you’ll be able to get a wide array of opinions in a streamlined manner. Start by typing the name of the play plus “reviews” into the bar at the top of your search engine. Chances are you’ll have numerous pages filled with possibilities.

A few ideas of the places which post play reviews include:

-troupe/company websites

-theater websites

-blogs (both person and company oriented)

-online news and entertainment websites

When perusing these various sites, don’t let one critical review sway you. As mentioned before, everyone has their own unique taste, and a single person (or even a small handful of people) could have easily just preferred other entertainment.

Broadway play reviews

The way to really tell whether a show will warrant your viewing is to see what most of reviews is saying. If they are primarily positive, you can safely assume the show is worth seeing. If, on the other hand, the reviews are primarily negative, you can assume this is a show you may want to skip seeing.

While the internet is the main source of play reviews, it is not the only source. Local newspapers or print magazines (especially those pertaining to culture or the arts) may also run stories that review varying performances. If a show has been out a while, you may be able to garner word-of-mouth from people you know also. Ask your friends, family, and coworkers what they thought when they went.